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Welcome to TIRF USA

Traffic Injury Research Foundation USA, Inc. (TIRF USA) is an independent road safety research institute and registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

It develops and shares knowledge to prevent injuries and loss of life on the roads, reduce related social, health and insurance costs, and safeguard productivity.

There are several areas of focus for TIRF USA:

Giving to Traffic Injury Research Foundation USA Inc.

Corporations, foundations and individuals can all become donors and/or project sponsors of TIRF USA.

Our Sponsors

TIRF USA was formed in 2013, to help meet the needs of a growing number of US funders, stakeholders and partners who utilize research and programs developed by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation Canada.

The relationship between TIRF USA and TIRF Canada is structured through an exchange of services agreement. TIRF Canada, headquartered in Ottawa, is an internationally recognized road safety research institute and registered charity formed in 1964.

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