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Welcome to TIRF USA!


In 2013, the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF), an internationally recognized road safety research institute, established a presence in the United States in order to better meet the needs of its US funders, stakeholders and partners.

Based on its experiences conducting research in several countries around the world, TIRF knows first-hand the importance of tailoring research, policies and programs to the specific context and environment of road users. It equally recognizes that it is essential to have an intimate understanding of cultural and legal factors that shape decision-making and strategies to reduce road crashes.

Similar to its Canadian counterpart, a registered charity since 1964, the mission of  Traffic Injury Research Foundation USA, Inc. (TIRF USA) is to develop and share the knowledge that saves – preventing injuries and loss of life on the roads, reducing related social, health and insurance costs, and safeguarding productivity.

TIRF USA aims to be a leading resource for national road safety research with an emphasis on road user behaviour. The institute focuses on the human causes and effects of road crashes and provides objective, independent and evidence-based research to support the development, implementation and evaluation of road safety programs, effective advocacy and consultation.

TIRF USA is proud to be a registered 501(c)3.


Corporations, foundations and individuals can all become project sponsors, donors, and supporters of TIRF.

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