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TIRF’s efforts to improve road safety focus on road users behaviors in each of the following categories:

  • Research on the magnitude and characteristics of road crashes.
  • Program and policy development.
  • Program and policy evaluation.
  • Knowledge transfer and exchange.

The examples below are a sample based on our most recent work; contact us for details or to learn more about previously completed work.

Small-scale focused research projects

Budget $10,000-$35,000

  • Publications (reports, factsheets, brochures, educational primers) on a topic of choice that can be used for professional development training as well as a knowledge transfer tool for practitioners.
  • Literature review of a specialized road safety topic.
  • Training sessions on road safety related issues or road safety research methods.

Medium-scale focused research projects

Budget $35,000-$100,000

  • Epidemiological research on complex road safety programs or issues (e.g., online driver education standards).
  • International best practices reviews.
  • Focus groups and stakeholder interviews with both practitioners and road users to inform policy and practice.
  • Technical assistance and capacity building services to improve program implementation and delivery and evaluate outcomes.
  • Analysis of crash data.

Large-scale focused research projects

Budget $100,000 and up

  • Epidemiological research of international surveys.
  • Data base design and construction.
  • Process and/or outcome evaluation of national and international road safety programs and policy.
  • Meta-analysis of the effectiveness of road safety interventions and programs.
  • Road safety related program design, resource development (e.g. online curricula and educational programs) and knowledge transfer products such as community based tool kits.