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With the goal of being a leading resource for national road safety research, TIRF USA focuses on the human causes and effects of road crashes and provides objective, independent and evidence-based research to support the development, implementation and evaluation of road safety programs, effective advocacy and consultation.

We place a priority emphasis on road user behavior since more than 80% of crashes are caused by human error or condition while working on increasing the understanding of why drivers behave as they do in order to intervene more effectively and help them develop safe driving behaviors. A special focus is devoted to impaired drivers and young drivers who represent two of the largest contributors to road fatalities and injuries.

Our extensive expertise ranges in several other contemporary road safety issues like drug and alcohol impairment, distraction, fatigue and aggressive driving, young driver education and licensing, elderly drivers, and vulnerable road users such as bicyclists and pedestrians.

By investing in us, you will have the opportunity to connect with subject matter experts from academia, research institutes and government agencies, you can access the latest research that aims to resolve real-world traffic safety issues, and gain new understanding of how these issues impact our nation.

Is your organization interested in contributing to our work in promoting safe driving programs and practices and reducing the number of deaths and injuries on our roads?

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